Quantia – Quantum Nordic Healing

More than energy healing

Quantia – Quantum healing is relating to quantum physics and quantum field. In that field you can find a zero-point-energy, which you might feel as an energy pulse or wave or just empty space, void. Out of that field the healing arises.

Energy is powerful, very pure and high vibrational. Quantia has developed and is developing in time. There are several levels and parts to this healing method. At best it can be a path to a deep spiritual awakening, not merely a healing technique.

Quantia – Basic course

Level 1

During the first basic course students are activated to sense and become aware of the field and it’s energy and to work with it. Students will also be activated to Quantia’s own signature energy which you can feel and see as a spiral of energy.

During the course we are going to learn to receive information. Quantum healing is only energy and information.

After the course you are able to heal yourself and others. We are letting go of our fears, control and egoic thought patterns. When we leave the ego and persona aside we are able to allow the healing to come from Higher Consciousness. There is no need for our own doing or performing.

Quantia – Deepening course

Level 1

During the deepening course students are practicing getting more specific information. Students will learn to heal and clear unconscious, karmic or ancestral patterns.

Quantia – From Ego to Essence

Level 2

This course is about deep spiritual and inner work. Students will be diving deep into their essential being and presence. That is important for each of us individually and to be able to do healing work in a powerful way. There is even a possibility to Self-realization which is the ultimate freedom.

Quantia – Harmonizing the ego

Level 2

This course is about finding awareness and understanding of our psyche and ego structures, woundings and their effect on our life. Gaining awareness allows us to heal in a deep way and to find new kind of freedom in our choices and lives. The method is based on Voice Dialogue.

Quantia – Basics of Quantum Hypnosis

Level 3

This course is about finding our inner wisdom and empowerment. The students learn to guide the client into a deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness. Then the client is gently cued into an inner journey during which they are able to gain understandings and insights. We all have tremendous wisdom and power inside of us.